A tribute to beauty in all its expressions, an eclectic compilation of exclusive objects.
That’s what Emiliefouilloux.com is

Emiliefouilloux.com is neither an e-shop, nor a concept store. Quite the contrary.
Its one-of-a-kind, sensitive founder, much prefers to go against the current flow of fast fashion. She calls it a novel platform : the first «digital place» that tells stories through objects. These objects come about when Emilie’ s poetic inspirations meet the unique vision of an artist or a firm. Together, they bring about exclusive partnerships : creative and inspiring interludes for small or prominent brands, affordable or out of this world. Emilie’s website always brings a sense of purpose, a quest for quality over quantity, for meaning over trendiness.

Emilie Fouilloux is originally from Paris. She is a dancer and she started at the Paris Opera. At 19, she joined the Miami City Ballet, and after that, the Scala of Milan, where she now lives. Dance is always on her mind when seeking new artistic collaborations. It gives Emilie the necessary strength and determination to practice the sixth art.