25 Magazine

Embodied by Yves Saint Laurent’s muse and unmissable model Anja Rubik, 25 Magazine is an object of desire, more than an actual magazine. It is altogether more like an art book, a photographer’s portfolio, and a visual performance. Its 4 issues compile the established or emerging talents from the world of contemporary art and the publishing industry. Set around unifying topics, 25 Magazine explores the depth of sensuality and redefines «sexy». A bevy of eager fans collect every issue, which are all exclusively available at Emiliefouilloux.com

How Emilie met Anja Rubik

Emilie met Anja Rubik at a dinner party. She became instantly fascinated with her magnetic charm and her eclectic vision of fashion. Emiliefouilloux.com is now the only platform distributing 25 Magazine

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